iWear VR920 Video Visor

Vuzix iWear AV920-CGamers will be pleased to learn that Vuzix have brought out a great video visor - the Video iWear VR920 - capable of producing a virtual 62" screen at a distance of 9' from the viewer. The VR headset also includes head tracking, audio and a microphone.

Even more interesting, is that they've announced the Video iWear AV920-C which integrates with the PlayStation 3, the Xbox360 and the Nintendo Wii in such a way that multi-player games can be rendered on multiple headsets. So if two of you are playing using a split screen display then each half can be presented on an AV920-C thus not only giving a more realistic game but preventing your opponent from seeing your tactics. The same process allows each quadrant of a four player game to be shown on four headsets.

Both headsets give you an impressive 24 bit true color 640 x 480 pixel resolution on each eye's display, virtual 3D and a 32 degree field of view. Thanks to their 60Hz progressive scan update rate, Vuzix claim the headset is flicker free.

Prices in the US for the VR920 are around $399.95. No price information has been provided yet for the AV920-C which won't be available until February.

For more information see: www.vuzix.com/iwear/