Zegna Sport Solar JKT

Zegna Solar JacketErmenegildo Zegna have announced what looks to be a good looking jacket despite sporting a geeky solar panel for powering all your mobile devices.

Using German iSolarX technology developed by Interactive Wear AG in cooperation with SOLARC AG the jacket is claimed to be able to charge devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players and other personal gizmos. The solar modules are mounted on a neoprene collar; the electricity generated from solar energy is transmitted through conducting textile leads and stored temporarily in a buffer battery or fed directly to a connected device.

The jacket is aimed at the luxury end of the male consumer market but we could believe it won't take long to filter down to the mainstream sector.

The Solar JKT jacket was introduced at Italy’s Pitti Uomo couture fashion show in June but won't be available until spring/summer 2008.

For more information see: http://www.zegna.com/