WiFi Detector T-shirt

WiFi Detector T-shirtIf you're ever wandering around seeking a WiFi hotspot to check out your latest Facebook postings or similar then the WiFi Detector T-shirt is for you. It's got an animated display on the front that flashes indicating the WiFi signal strength and simultaneously showing to everyone just how much of a geek you are. As you can imagine, this nifty piece of apparel comes from ThinkGeek.

The display sits on a thin sheet of plastic on the front of the T-shirt and, as such, is a little uncomfortable at first. It can be unclipped for washing assuming you're into such things.

The detector and power (3 AAA batteries) are located at the bottom of the T-shirt. It's inconspicuous but might make it difficult to tuck into the trousers - if you're so inclined.

It's a good talking point and fun to wear but perhaps not every day.