Washable RF ID Tags for Clothing

Washabke RF ID TagTargeted at the dress hire or uniforms businesses but applicable in other areas, Fujitsu has developed an RFID tag (called Tagfront) that is small and washable. The tag is primarily constructed from soft linen and is 2.5" long, weighs just 2 grammes and its data is readable from 4' away.

Applications include identifying (say) hotel staff uniforms after washing or keeping track of dress hire garments. Because of the relatively long range, multiple tags can be scanned at once making for more efficient processing.

Not only can the tags withstand washing (over 100 times) but also the high temperatures of ironing.

To complement this technology, Paxar have developed the interactive RFID fitting-room mirror. This will read the RFID security tag and display information including manufacturer's messages, size and color availability, as well as mix-and-match guides.

For further information see the Fujitsu site.