Scalar T3-F Teleglasses

Scalar T3-F TeleglassJapan's Scalar Corp. has yet again managed to shrink the HMD (head mounted display) and they now really are becoming a manageable size - only slightly more obtrusive than Bluetooth earphones.

Their latest model, the Teleglass T3-F Video Eyeglasses, is intended for mounting on an ordinary pair of glasses or sunglasses and projects into the eye an apparent 28" display as if viewed from 6 feet away. The unit weighs a mere 35 g (1.25 oz) and connects to the control unit through a narrow cross section cable.

To avoid problems of obscuring your vision for other activities, the T3-F only projects into one eye. This is considered important as the device is may well be used by commuters for, for example, reading their e-mails, the daily news or watching a movie on their way to work.

It's even suggested that the device could be used by students "boning up" on their studies while travelling but the price tag of around 98,000 Yen (around 450) could be alittle high for most.

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