T-Qualizer T-shirt

T-Qualizer T-shirtThere's lots of cool gear out there but this one's really cool. It's a T-shirt with a functional graphics equalizer displayed on the front. This otherwise cotton T-short responds to ambient sound via its EL (electro-luminescent) display showing coloured bars that rise and fall depending on the frequency and volume of the music. Say you're in a disco, the graphics equalizer will pick up beat of the music and hopefully you'll pick up an interested partner for the evening.

The sound sensing electronics and batteries are stored in a discrete pocket inside the T-shirt. This can be unplugged for washing.

The T-Qualizer comes in a number of varieties:
  • Classic - Black with red and yellow bars
  • The Chiller - Black with numerous colours
  • Heart Shaped Ladies - White with turquoise, white and pink bars
  • The Raver - Black with red, yellow and green bars
Prices are around 20.00.

For more information see: www.tqualizer.biz