Vibration Compensated Projectors

Vibration Compensated ProjectorThe miniature projectors mentioned in other Tech-Wear articles offer a great solution to the problem of producing a detailed and legible display from a tiny device. However, if mounted on the human body - say the wrist - they will suffer from vibration which will be amplified by the magnification of the projector lens. To combat this problem a team of German scientists from the Institute for Photonic Microsystems in Dresden are devising a solution. They have created a system using inertia and yaw sensors coupled to actuators that should compensate for small movements in the projector. They claim the system is capable of detecting even tiny movements that are counteracted by rotating the projector and that the result even works in a moving vehicle.

The institute's prototype projects an A3 image onto any flat surface and should be small enough to fit into mobile handheld device.

It is expected that the system could be commercially available within a couple of years.

Source: Gizmag