Wearable Solar Panels

Fourmart Solar PanelIf you're on the move and want to harness the sun's rays to power your mobile phone, MP3 player etc, you simply can't put a solar panel in your pocket - it's got to be visible. This is where Fourmart's flexible solar panels are ideal. They can be embeddeded in clothing or accessories and coloured to tone with the background material. Their size is small - 200mm x 50mm x 3mm and yet they produce usable current even in low lighting conditions.

Not only are the wearable solar panels eco-friendly but they obviate the need for battery chargers providing that rare combination of something that's not only useful but helps save the planet at the same time. Combined with some clever fashion design they even look good while simultaneously telling the world how eco-conscious you are.

Example placings for the solar panels include baseball caps, coats, back-packs, and even swimming costumes - although we wouldn't recommend taking your mobile phone into the pool as well.

For more information see: http://fourmart.de