Solar Powered Fan & Mosquito Repellant

Solar powered fanSo the sun's uncomfortably hot - why not let it cool you down as well with this neat solar powered fan. The solar panels generate enough electricity to directly power the fan which can be clipped to your hat (assuming you're wearing one) or nearby object. At a mere $10, it won't cost you the earth and might (marginally) save it.

In a similar vein, the solar powered mosquito repellant attempts to keep those nasty little creatures out of your veins. It emits a high pitched noise inaudible to humans but apparently deafening to mosquitoes. The solar panels require some three hours to fully charge the device's batteries ready for such times (typically dusk) when mosquitoes are at their most active. A clip allows the device to be attached to a belt or other item of clothing. Like the fan, the cost is a very reasonable $10.