Skirteleon (Skirt Chameleon)

Skirteleon fabricDesigned for the 2004 Nemo Science Museum event: "How Smart Are You Dressed Tomorrow?" in Amsterdam, the Skirteleon is a skirt that changes colour and pattern. The idea being that you might have a relatively sober skirt for work attire which then transforms into a more jazzy version for an after work dinner date for which you don't have time to change. The skirt can change from blue to various patterns of orange on white under user control or as a result of pre-programming.

Skirteleon fabricThe Skirteleon is manufactured with a context aware laminated textile that changes color on-demand. It is part of the "Transfor-Me" collection which was developed to demonstrate how the combination of interaction design and smart textiles can add meaning and playfulness to otherwise ordinary garments. As well as changing colour and pattern to suit the mood and activity of the wearer they are designed to stimulate personal interaction and communication.

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