CECT Mobile Wrist Watch Phone

W100 watch phoneWe've seen a number of prototypes and early models of wrist watch phones and now Qiao Xing Mobile (using the brand name of CECT) say they are introducing their W100 model pictured on the right. The watch is claimed not only to be a phone but also a 1.3 megapixel camera. It has a 65k LCD touch screen and 1GB of flash memory built in. On top of that there's claimed to be connectivity for MP3, MPEG4 and Bluetooth. The latter communicates with a headset that includes an FM radio. In addition to using the headset for making and receiving calls, the watch has a speaker and microphine built in.

The watch is still quite "chunky" - but with all that's inside, what do you expect?

The W100 should be available in September in 7 different colours.