Aphrodite Project GPS Alert Platform Shoes

Platform 001 shoeDesigned by the Aphrodite Project specifically for the protection of sex workers, the Platform 001 seamlessly integrates online security services with shoes. By any standards, it's a chunky shoe but wait until you hear what's crammed into it: there's a GPS system with wireless communications, an audible alarm system, an LCD display and even a storage compartment for valuables.

The idea is that prostitutes, who often work in less than desirable locations, should be able to send out an alert message complete with their GPS co-ordinates, to a central agency. To achieve the alert mechanism, the Aphrodite Project have incorporated a specially modified version of the RaveWireless Rave Guardian originally intended for protecting students.

The 3.5" LCD display, on the side of the shoe can display video promotions to assist the sex worker's business - although we're not sure it's a good idea to draw attention to such expensive shoes. Controls for the shoe are displayed on its side.

The Aphrodite Project decided to name themselves after the Greek goddess and her prostitute-priestesses. This first prototype shoe is in the form of a sandal as homage to those early Greek and Roman prostitues who enticed their customers with flutes and sandals that made "follow me" marks in the earth as they walked.

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