Nike makes the Apple iPod your Coach

Nike+ SensorNike have teamed up with Apple to use some of the spare processing power in an iPod for recording your work-out session. They've put some a sensor in the left shoe of a pair of trainers which communicates wirelessly to a receiver that you plug into the bottom of your iPod Nano. The sensor detects your every step and this information is fed to the iPod thereby enabling it to determine your walking or running pace.

As you exercise, in addition to the normal iPod music, you can receive audio feedback on the timing, distance travelled, pace and calories burned during your workout.

Nike+ trainerAt the end of the workout, you can hook up your iPod to a computer, fire up iTunes website and upload the data to Nike+ website. Here you'll have an account that keeps track of your various sessions, provides analysis, sets goals and even allows you to challenge other users to competitions.

You can buy the Nike+ kits from Apple for about $29.00 but you'll also need the special Nike+ trainers that have a pocket for the sensing device.

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