MystiqueThis time, the researchers at CuteCircuit seem to have excelled themselves in creating a truly unusual garment that should at least be a talking point if not a useful item of clothing. The Mystique (or shape shifter) dress alters its shape and length throughout the course of a day or evening. It starts out as pale grey with a soft padded surface and of knee length. By the end of the evening it's transformed itself into a long smooth dress and one in which the extended region is of a different colour.

The Mystique has five different lengths unfolding in four steps. Attached to the dress are sets of electromagnets and mother of pearl metallic sequins. These hold the various sections of the dress Mystiqueup until a timer turns off a set of electromagnets releasing that section of the dress. As the fabric is double sided and held up with the inside colour initially showing, when a new section falls it reveals the outside thereby effecting a colour change.

Mystique is part of the "TransforMe" collection developed for the NEMO Science Museum event "How Smart Are You Dressed Tomorrow?" held in Amsterdam in November 2004.

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