Myvu Video Eyewear

myvu crystalThe geeky VR headsets of yore have metamorphosized into sleek "eyewear" that even the most fashion conscious might well be happy to be seen wearing. myvu's latest two video headsets (crystal 701 and shades 301) nicely illustrate this trend - they're good looking devices that don't lock the user away behind an effective blindfold to the world around.

Myvu unveiled the two headsets at this year's CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. They're both the result of input from INNO Design who have done a great job in spearheading the move of these products into mainstream everyday use - for those wanting multimedia on the move.

The shades 301 model has quarter VGA resolution (320 x 240) while the crystal 701 twice as much at 640 x 480 (VGA). Battery life for the shades model is claimed to be a healthy 10 hours between charges while the crystal 701 only has 4 hours.

Myvu shadesMyvu say both models will work with portable media players, including all iPod® with video models, Sansa-View®, Microsoft Zune, mobile phones (Nokia N95 and select Samsung models), portable DVD players and various game consoles.

Both models should be available early in 2008 with expected retail prices of $199.95 for the shades 301 and $299.95 for the crystal 701.

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