MainNav GPS and Bluetooth Watch

The navigational device company ManiNav, have launched a watch with built in GPS (Global Positioning System) that will enable you to navigate while hiking, cycling or even travelling by car. The watch - the Innovator MW-705 BT - also has Bluetooth capability, allowing you to connnect it to PDA, smartphone or similar for purposes of navigation.

MainNav GPS WatchEn route, the watch logs up to 120,000 way points that can be downloaded to a PC (in NMEA format) to enable analysis of your work-out or journey.

While the watch is unlikely to win any beauty contests, it does pack quite an amazing amount of technology in. What's more it's water resistant and has a battery life of 66 hours between recharges. Charging of the Lithium-ion battery is done via its mini USB socket.

For more information see: Mainnav.