Philips Lumalive Textile Displays

Philips LumaliveWe've seen research samples of light emitting cloth for a few years but now Philips has announced and demonstrated its Lumalive material at IFA - the world's largest consumer electronics show held in Berlin. Incorpoprated into the material are arrays of small light emitting diodes in a range of colours. The really clever bit is that despite the embedded LEDs, the fabric retains its flexibility and softness.
Demonstrating the textile, Philips has created a number of jackets, cushions and other items capable of displaying vivid colour patterns or logos or even short text messages or colour animations. The jackets have 20cm square panels but the technology could be scaled up to (say) the size of a sofa. The batteries and associated electronics have been shrunk such that they can be invisibly incorporated into the jackets etc. Furthermore, they're made detachable to enable the garment to be washed.

Various configurations of the LEDs make it possible to create dynamic messages, advertisements, graphics and constantly changing colour surfaces. The fabric could be used in clothing, curtains, cushions or sofa coverings to produce mood lighting that could be either sublte or striking as required or even changed automatically depending on user behaviour.

Philips says that the material is ready for production and they are seeking a partner - perhaps in the clothing or furniture industries - to bring the product to market.