Levi's RedWire DLX iPod-docking Jeans

Levis Redwire DLX jeansLevi's claim to be the first to come out with an iPod docking cradle in a pair of jeans - the Redwire DLX jeans. We've seen and liked jackets with this kind of functionality complete with textile buttons on the sleeve and earbuds attached to the collar but we're not sure we can take such jeans in our stride.

In the coin pocket, they've got retractable headphones because otherwise the leads would be too long. And there's an iPod style control wheel on a wired remote that you attach to the coin pocket. The iPod plugs into a "Red Wire" (actually a red ribbon cable) and has its own special pocket.

The main advantage seems to be that you don't have to reach into a tight pocket to adjust your iPod - but is this enough to justify the 100 (approx.) price for the jeans? Of course, we may be missing the point; if you're looking for a fashion statement, an indication of just how wired you are, this has got to be as good an answer as any and definitely a move in the right direction. Still we think it will at least have to go wireless ("Red Wireless") before it'll be anything more than a fad.

For more information see: Levis website