Lavod - The cheaper way to listen to your music underwater

Lavod MusicTube

Thanks to the Lavod MusicTube as well as their range of waterproof mp3 players you no longer have to pay a minimum of 50 to listen to your music underwater. The MusicTube offers great sound quality, sleek and stylish looks (comes complete with a bright armband so can be used for jogging or cycling etc.) as well as being very durable due to the hard outer shell. Lavod have not sacrificed quality for price, the mp3 looks and feels very good quality with a metallic finish and the buttons on the end of the tube allow for ease of use under the water.

The MusicTube is submergible in water up to 2 metres in depth and has a waterproof rating of IPX8. The only thing that lets this mp3 down is the rechargeable battery which only lasts 2 hours although Lavod is currently improving this and should launch their new and improved version between February and March this year. Currently the 2GB version of the Lavod MusicTube is available in shops from 34.99.

Overall this is a great little gadget to have especially for the price (considering some of the 50+ ones are a mere 1GB) it has a good, simple design that will suit pretty much anyone, its great to listen to and generally livens up your swim (or surf or canoeing or snorkelling or jacuzzi-ing...)