LXE Voice Operated Wearable Computer

LXE HX3LXE's latest wearable computer - the HX3 - has done away with the screen and instead communicates with the user via voice and receives commands in the same way. Intended for use in applications such as warehouse stock control or other logistics operations, the HX3 is a rugged device that can either be worn as an armband or clipped onto a belt.

The HX3 measures 4" x 3.5" x 1.4" and weighs less than 10 oz. It runs Windows CE 5.0 Professional Plus on a 400 MHz Marvel processor. Two choices of battey pack are provided: a standard 12-hour pack or an extended 24-hour pack.

In addition to voice input, the HX3 can capture barcode data via one of two scanners: an SD laser ring scanner with a 4 ft range or a 2D imager ring scanner with a 20 ft range.

For networking, the HX3 uses Bluetooth 2.0 for printers etc. and 802.1b/g for WiFi connections.

LXE HX3The product is protected by a magnesium bezel designed to survive in harsh conditions. It can even operate down to -40F (-40C). Nonetheless it’s still light and small enough to be ‘forgotten’ by the operator while using it say the makers.

Voice operation uses LXE's ToughTalk technology with noise cancelling ability to eliminate background noises.

In addition to voice input, the HX3 has a simple, programmable eyesfree keyboard that makes it faster for operators to accomplish the most common tasks.

For more information see: http://www.lxe.com/us/