Kodak Wearable Camera

Kodak 1881
Designer Lindsey Pickett created this beautifully styled, albeit somewhat large, wearable camera (the 1881) as part of a Kodak design contest - apparently Kodak are wanting to cash in on wearable technology.

The 1881's looks could well have inspired its name as it does evoke something of Victorian times. It's also the date of the formation of the partnership "Eastman Dry Plate Company" that later became the "Eastman Kodak Company". Nonetheless, packed inside the 1881 is not only a Kodak locketdigital camera but two LCD screens on which you can show your favourite pictures much like the inside of a traditional locket.

In addition to being a necklace, the camera can be worn as a handbag charm, lapel clip or classic pocket watch.

This is just a concept at present but still, a very promising one.