Kinetic Dress

The Kinetic Dress from CuteCircuit is a Victorian style evening dress augmented with twenty first century technology that enables it to react to the wearer's activities.

Kinetic DressThe dress is made from an elastic textile embedded with sensors that closely follow the body of the wearer. The sensors capture the wearer’s movements and interaction with others and reflect this through electroluminescent embroidery on the dress fabric. When the wearer is stationary, the dress is completely black. However, when the wearer starts to move and interact with others, the embroidery in the dress gradually illuminates showing blue circle patterns. Depending on the amount and speed of the wearer’s movement the electroluminescent embroidery changes pattern, portraying the wearer’s mood to the onlookers and, according to the makers, creating a magic halo around her.

The Kinetic Dress is part of the "TransforMe" collection developed for the NEMO Science Museum event "How Smart Are You Dressed Tomorrow?" held in Amsterdam in November 2004.

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