JanSport HiFi Bag

JanSport RecourseLugging your sound system to the beach is no joke and when you get it there you've got problems with sand and spray. JanSport present their solution to this problem in the form of the Recourse - a backpack containing an amplifier and speakers into which you can plug your MP3 player. For control there's a volume wheel on the shoulder strap and JanSport say there's "mega-watts of music power" available.

JanSport RecourseEven with the speakers and amp inside, there's still storage space plus a cooler pocket for your drinks.

JanSport claim it's easy to carry with a comfort padded back and AirCore straps - making it deal for picnics.

The Recourse is available in black, floral pink and floral blue.

For more information see: www.jansport.com/international/eu/