Hearing Components' Noise Reducing Earphones

ComplyNR-10For those that have difficulty with ambient noise, like aircraft engines or fellow travellers, the Comply NR-10 earphones from 'Hearing Components' offer a favourable 48 decibels of noise reduction. They're based on military technology as used by the US Army and Special Forces and are claimed to block out more ambient noise that alternatives without the need for more battery power.

The earphones have an impressive frequency range of 20Hz to 20KHz and are designed to maximise the base response. They come with patented foam ear buds that mold to the user's ear canal and connect to their base station via a 43" cable complete with gold plated jack plug.

The results are claimed to block noise on an aircraft even while playing low volumes of music.

Sale price for the Comply NR-10 is $79.95.