G-Gloves - USB Heated Gloves

G-GlovesIf your boss is too stingy to turn the heating up or should your colleagues win the battle of the office thermostat and you're left in the cold, these G-Gloves are for you. They plug into USB ports on your PC and warm a heated pad on their backs to between 80F and 92F - depending on your choice of two temperature settings.

It is a shame that they require two USB ports and it might be a trifle awkward to be tethered to your PC but they could well satisfy a need. They can also be used with other devices such as a Mac, PlayStation 2 or X-Box 360.

USB Heated GloveThe wires are detachable from the gloves and there's also finger covers enabling the gloves to be worn for general use.

The 'G' in G-Glove stands for Girls but there's also a male equivalent that's simply called the USB Heated glove.

Both male and female gloves currently retail for $22.00.

For more information, see: http://usb.brando.com.hk/