Fuze Necklace

Fuze necklaceWhile we don't often bring you items that are simply adornment, this necklace caught our eye as it subtley combines a natural quartz crystal with some electronics to make it glow in a series of colours. The light is produced from LEDs inside the stone which gradually change in colour to create a very unusual fashion accessory.

The Fuze necklace crystals are hand selected, shaped and polished and come in four styles: natural, teardrop, heart and a mood style consisting of a flattened pyramid. The necklace diameter is 17 - 18 inches (43 - 46cm).

Power for the necklace comes from a small battery discretely held in a cunning magnetic clasp. A spare set of batteries ( 3V CR927) are included with the product.

See http://www.thinkgeek.com/ for more information.