Electric Cinderella Shoes

Simona Brusa Pasque's novel idea is that women should have be given the ability to intimidate their intimidators via a stun gun built into a glass slipper. Well, at least the tip of the shoe is made of glass.

When under threat, the wearer would break the glass toe of the shoe, revealing a 100,000 volt stun gun that could be unleashed via the press of a button on an ear-ring or (as illustrated) a pendant.

The shoe would be powered by a 9V battery and would be a single shot device. We have yet to decide whether the defender would also get stunned if her assailant was holding her when she fired the gun. Still, it's a great idea and nicely demonstrated by these pictures from gizmag.

For more information see the: Simona Brusa Pasque website or gizmag