Dragon Bluetooth headset with 100m range

Callpod Dragon headsetCallpod Inc. have announced the Dragon Bluetooth headset that boasts a range of 100m - ten times the standard Bluetooth capability. The headset is designed for use with mobile phones as well as PDAs and computers (say for Voice over IP - VOIP).

There is also a noise suppression mechanism that removes surrounding noise leaving just that of user. The makers claim this facilitates phonecalls in loud environments such as airports or busy restaurants. The suppression of ambient noise is achieved through a combination of Dual-Mic technology and eSCO enhanced audio channels (also used by the iPhone).

User control is achieved through a two button interface. For example, at the press of a button the user can switch between a mobile phone and a Skype (PC based) conversation.

To accommodate all sizes of ear, the Dragon comes with two reversible earwraps. It's claimed they're comfortable enough to be worn all day.

As a further benefit, two Dragon headsets can communicate with each other over as a form of 2-way radio. In fact, a total of five headsets can be connected together in conference mode.

Charging is via a USB port and takes 3 hours providing 8 hours of talk time.

Pricing in the US is currently $120.