Motorola Audex Jacket

Audex jacket
Motorola have teamed up with Burton Snowboards to produce a winter sports jacket with built in audio functions controlled by a concealed panel on the sleeve.

The jacket has a waterproof pocket containing a battery pack and connections for your iPod. The battery pack also has Bluetooth connectivity to your suitably equipped mobile phone. Music from your iPod is routed via hidden wires to speakers in the hood or to earphones via a jack also in the hood.

An incoming call will interrupt the music and can be answered by pressing a button on the sleeve control panel.

To complete the package, Motorola and Burton supply the Audex Helmet and Audex Padded Hat - both of which have Bluetooth stereo headphones.

There are a number of jackets with this kind of functionality but the Motorola one differs in that the sleeve controls include a small display and normal buttons - as opposed to the textile buttons we've seen in other products. The display is a nice addition but we doubt that you could use the buttons with your gloves on.

Pricing for the jacket is around $599.95 depending on retailer.

For more information see: Motorola website