About Us

At Tech-wear we offer information and up to date news and events on the wearable world as well as giving you an outlet to the latest products available to the public at the lowest prices possible. Our website will also keep visitors informed on innovative products that have not been released yet but will be sometime in the future.

Wearable technology refers to any technology that you wear on your body.

The main advantages of wearable technology are:

- It enables you to multi-task
- It's always readily available
- It can boost your normal capabilities - memory, processing power, etc.

Examples of wearables are:

- Clothing with in-built displays
- MP3 players built into jackets
- Wrist phones
- Virtual reality headsets
- Pedometers, heart rate monitors, etc.
- Armband computersApplication areas include:
- Sporting applications - performance monitoring
- Health monitoring systems
- Commercial applications (stock taking etc.)
- Information technologies
- Behavioural modeling
- Media development
- Warfare

Wearable computers are especially useful for applications that require computational support while the user's hands, eyes or attention are actively engaged with the physical environment. Wearable technologies will revolutionise life as we know it, giving you an easier and more efficient lifestyle.

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